You can do your own preliminary inspections.  Select the appropriate Colored Box to the right to see samples of damage you should look for.  You can proceed as follows: 

A- Carefully look for any visible damaged areas around the inside and outside of the house..

B- Have the carpeting pulled back from the exterior walls to expose any breaks in the foundation.  See #7.   You may want to hire a carpet layer to accompany you and your agent on an inspection. This may cost around $300.

C-  Take pictures of any damage you observe. If you find significant damage, then you should consider hiring an AMCOS Engineer to do an inspection.

Foundation Break visible outside Typical slab-break pattern due to expansive soils Typical stair-step Ceiling Crack Interior window-wall crack cause by foundation break Typical House-Garage Foundation Break Foundation Break viewed outside Garage Foundation Break due to settlement Typical hallway wall crack due to expansive soils No picture yet, still under construction Foundation Break viewed inside Roof-wall separation due to expansive soils Foundation Break visible outside

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