INSPECT PROPERTY -- A brief physical inspection is made of the property.  If damage is found,  an abbreviated repair cost estimate is provided.  Additionally, sufficient data is taken to be able to write a feasibility report should that be required.  Note: If you want to inspect your own property, the plan to the right will take you to a form with "Hot Spots" on it that allows you to transfer to various annotated photographs of typical damage observed during most inspections.

FEASIBILITY REPORT -- A written report is compiled for a lender or other interested party outlining the scope of our inspection and listing the recommendations we deem necessary to repair the foundation and slab.  Appendices are provided which illustrate the details of the proposed repairs.

REPAIR DETAILS --  A detailed written scope of work and cost estimate of the observed damage is compiled.  The repair areas are illustrated on an accompanying sketch of the site.

REPAIR DESIGN -- All repairs are designed and certified to be in accord with the current engineering standards of practice.  The necessary shop drawings are produced for all associated trades, if any, supplying materials and services.

REPAIR PROCESS -- Generally, the house should be empty when the interior repairs are made.  Exceptions can be made however.  All work is done under the supervision of the design engineer.  Before and after photographs are taken during the repair process to document that the word was done in accord with specifications.  If requested, AMCOS will document and repair any additional damage found during the repair process at a mutually agreed upon increase in price.

"AS-BUILT" SUMMARY --  Immediately upon completing the field portion of the job, a written summary of the work actually accomplished is given to the lender which allows the financing funds to be released.  The "AS-BUILT" summary includes a revised site sketch which illustrates all the repaired areas.  Also included is a limited 5-year workmanship and materials defect warranty.  However, please note that the stability of the foundation is in no way warranted against all possible future movement whatsoever.   A liquidated damage credit is given for any work not completed in accord with the original proposal along with additional charges for any extra work done.  This document is signed by both AMCOS and the CLIENT in acknowledgment of and acceptance as complete, all of the agreed upon work.

COMPLIANCE REPORT -- A comprehensive report is also issued after the work has been completed which includes a copy of the "AS-BUILT" summary.  Before and after photographs taken during the course of the work are included as a report appendix.  This report serves as a real estate disclosure document with regard to the repaired damage.  Buyers can also use the report as a future selling aid should they choose to resell the property. 


If you want to inspect you own property, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions given.

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