If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Cracked Slabs and Foundations are often viewed mysteriously by most people.  There is a general perception that once a foundation or a slab is broken, it will never be the same again.  However, such fears are mistaken if a foundation or slab is properly repaired.  In fact, proper repairs make older slabs and foundations stronger than when originally constructed.  If you doubt this, please refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.  If you would like to inspect your own property, click here for instructions.

Because work by AMCOS is so reliable, any repair made with "SUTURES" is technically permanent and should be a lifetime solution to the problem.  Do not be mistaken, this does not mean that the repaired slab or foundation will never break again.  In some cases, when the original cause for the damage is still active, new breaks may occur.  However, AMCOS has found that, generally, any "new breaks" will not reopen any slab or foundation break AMCOS has repaired with sutures.  Our five-year guarantee says the new damage will not occur in the Sutured Zone but must occur at some other location.  For further information, feel free to explore our site and review the SERVICES we offer or our professional experience Resume. 

AMCOS is positive that if you review our site, you will learn more about concrete repairs than you really want or need to know.




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